Generate Random RNA Secondary Structures

This web-service allows the user to generate a single or a bunch of random RNA secondary structures (encoded by dot bracket strings). The distribution used can either be selected among several well-known types of RNA or can be provided by means of a database (text file) of representative foldings. In the latter case the data provided will be used to train a sophisticated stochastic context-free grammar which then is used to controll the random generation. In case a given RNA-type is selected, grammar parameters have been determined beforehand and are read from disc.

Please choose RNA-type (determines data used to train underlying probability model) or provide your own database.

Single Structure

Size: (between 50 (tRNA), 150 (5S rRNA), 500 (otherwise) and 150 (tRNA), 200 (5S rRNA), 1000 (otherwise))

Multiple Structures

Min. Size: (at least 50 for tRNA or 5S rRNA, 500 otherwise)
Max. Size: (at most 150 for tRNA, 200 for 5S rRNA, 1000 otherwise)
Stepsize: (integer >0)
Number: (of each size; a maximal total of 1000)

The web-service is based on the algorithms presented in our paper Random Generation of RNA Secondary Structures According to Native Distributions.