AG Algorithmen und Komplexität

JAguc is free for any kind of academic use and only for such. By downloading it you agree not to share JAguc with other people than workgroup members or students of yours and to make people you share it with aware of this terms, also. You also agree to acknowledge your use of JAguc for any kind of published work and refer to us.

If you are a business person, feel free to contact us, too. We would be happy to negotiate terms for your usage of JAguc.

Before installing JAguc, please make sure to check out system requirements.

Bundled Installer

If you are an unexperienced user or if you want to be on the safe side, this is the thing for you: one executable that installs everything needed to use JAguc. It is only available for Windows users or those who taint their UNIX by using an emulator.

JAguc 2.0 Windows installer (32 bit).

JAguc 2.0 Windows installer (64 bit).

Note that more RAM is better. Since the 32bit JVM can only handle two gigabytes of RAM you might want to choose the 64bit version if you have an appropriate machine available.

For Advanced Users

If you feel confident to prepare your system on your own, feel free to download JAguc alone. We also expect you to know how to run a Java program.

Jar-archive of JAguc 2.0

This is what you will have to do before you can use JAguc:

  • Install the latest Java 6 Runtime Environment by Sun
  • Install a database server (e.g. MySQL)
  • Install megablast
  • Obtain or create a recent GenBank sequence file (e.g. from here)

After doing all this, you are good to go!